Journaling: Possibilities with Journals Are Endless

Journaling: What’s a Journal?

Journaling is the act of putting pen to paper to write or illustrate just about anything that you want to, need to, or feel like.

A journal is where you do your journal writing. It is an account, log, record, chronicle, illustration, doodle, chronicle, presentation, documetation, or diary of your thoughts, insights, feelings, events, experiences, analysis, observations, information, plans, among other countless things.

Keeping a journal is an experience whose benefits may not come instantly or at that moment. To many, the positive effects such as stress relief are instantaneous.

The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium. ~Norbet Platt

Engineering Your Personal Journal

It’s easy to unleash your thoughts and emotions into journaling.

You may record significant events in your life like mountain climbing with your best buddies, fly fishing by yourself, backpacking or camping by the lake with family, nursing a pregnancy, raising your first-born, doing an art exhibit, or launching your first business venture.

Capture your dreams on paper to decipher recurring symbols or see patterns in your life.

You may keep a journal to express gratitude for all your blessings, or turn your life around with prayers and affirmations.

Chronicle just about any commonplace or humdrum thing in your life. You decide.

Design your own journal. Engineer it.

The possibilities with journaling – big or smal – are endless. The rewards are tremendous.

Journaling Is All about You

I have been keeping journals for years. Journaling is a big part of me.

My journals are mostly the lined and spiral notebooks, the ones you use for school. Not fancier ones nor the diary type.

In them, I wrote everything under the sun, like:

  • ideas
  • insights
  • feelings, good and bad, happy and sad, shareable and not
  • plans, goals and activities
  • accomplishments and failures, which were many
  • events and celebrations
  • children’s stories that I created myself and those in playful partnership with my kids
  • dreams
  • inspirational and motivations quotes and affirmations
  • poems
  • prayers
  • recipes
  • magical rituals and formulas that I copied from books I read
  • contact information
  • account numbers for banking and government transactions
  • outlines for books to write
  • compositions for past school assignments and start-ups for books to write
  • doodles
  • conversations with my growing kids including jokes, stories, games
  • facts and figures of topics or themes to develop
  • analysis of my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • an account of children in those time that I was away on travel
  • my hubby’s endearing expressions
  • and more.

Passing on the Cudgels of Journaling

journal writing, keeping a journal, writing journals
My 15-year old daughter is into journalingherself. She loves it. Keeping a journal is her respite and refuge for things that happen in her life that she wants to keep to herself.

Over five years, she has collected a huge amount of journals. Not a day passes without her sketching, doodling, drawing story-filled comics, and writing personal accounts. These all go into her journal.

Her journals – her constant companion, friend and ally – keep her company. Someday, she would look back at everything she put in her journals and be amazed.

I haven’t read any of my daughter’s journals. I respect and uphold her privacy always.

Isn’t that what journals are for?

Anyone who journals should rest assured that whatever is in there remains safe.

Journaling into the Future

I reviewed my journals. Oh, boy! I’m sitting on a pot of gold.

You know,

  • life plans to execute;
  • children’s stories to publish;
  • books to write and publish
  • quotations to organize
  • children’s art works to clean up at Photoshop as well and their handwriting to develop as fonts.

The inputs I need for these are all in my journals. I just need to sit down and focus to transform them into something more awesome!

Yes, they are a bunch and they keep multiplying with each entry I make in my journals.

journaling, keeping a journal, journal writing
I revisit my journals every once in a while and would do so in many more years to come.

The rewards of writing journals are plenty. The great thing is, you get to decide what those rewards are and how much you want.

How about you?

Do you keep a journal?

Is it the generic type of journal where you write anything or the more focused one?

What benefits have you experienced from keeping a journal?

What new world of possibilities do you see with journaling?



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