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Why Journal

Benefits of Journaling

Why Journal​Why do you journal?Why is it important to keep one?What happens when you journal?What do you get out of journaling?​​How does journaling work? Keeping a journal will absolutely change your life in ways you’ve never imagined. ~Oprah Winfrey  9 Benefits of Journaling​If you’ve been keeping a journal, you can tell a thing or two about this.​To many, … Read moreWhy Journal

Journaling: Possibilities with Journals Are Endless

Journaling: What’s a Journal?Journaling is the act of putting pen to paper to write or illustrate just about anything that you want to, need to, or feel like.A journal is where you do your journal writing. It is an account, log, record, chronicle, illustration, doodle, chronicle, presentation, documetation, or diary of your thoughts, insights, feelings, … Read moreJournaling: Possibilities with Journals Are Endless

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