Korean Bibimbap: Blow to Our Quest for Best Way to Lower Blood Pressure (Day 2)

Korean Bibimbap: Blow to Our Quest for Best Way to Lower Blood Pressure (Day 2)

​The Bibimbap Thingamajig

Remember our roller coaster ride to lower blood pressure?

We're still in it...

And the ride gets even bumpier with each high and low and twist and turn.

Moving on.

When we finally confirmed that it was Bibimbap sans Gochujang that was lowering my husband's blood pressure, our witch-hunting turned to the proverbial search for a needle at the haystack.

What was that thingy in the Korean Bibimbap?

A scrutiny of the image that I took (plus my husband's account of what he ate) at the Korean restaurant helped us identify the ingredients.

Korean Bibimbap to Lower Blood Pressure

They included:

  • Carrots
  • Mushroom
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Bean sprouts
  • Onion
  • Minced beef
  • Sesame seeds
  • Rice
  • Egg.

He has eaten all of them in the past - either separately, altogether or mixed with others. 

However, he didn't get the same effect like he did in three specific instances after eating at the Korean restaurant. 

Could it be the interaction of the vegetable juices?


Let's see.

Trial #1: Failure​


On July 15 (Saturday), my husband set out on a journey to mimick the blood pressure lowering effect of the Bibimbap.​

First, he did some extensive research on heart-healthy vegetables.

Second, he bought vegetables per the menu of the Korean restaurant. Though optional, he included other heart-healthy vegetables, such as:

  • ​Garlic
  • Broccoli
  • Tomato
  • Red bell pepper
  • Alfalfa with garlic sprouts
  • Black and white sesame seeds.

Third, he cooked the ingredients in the kitchen using sesame as the base followed with all the vegetables.

Before that, I cautioned him against using high heat on the sesame oil. I dunno. I thought I read somewhere in the past that doing so would alter the chemical make-up of the oil that could cause some adverse health effects.

Well, my husband did otherwise.

He has a mind of his own (and I wasn't sure about my suggestion, anyway).

So be it!

After consuming all his mixed vegetable (without the egg), he took a reading of his BP.

​His blood pressure lowered slightly but nothing as dramatic as his previous results.

Conclusion: The trial was a failure. ​

A review of his cooking procedure showed that:

  • sesame oil was used as base​ and considerable heat was applied;
  • ​the vegetables were not as tender or cooked. 

​The juices may not have interacted enough.

So we thought...

but who knows?

​Trial #2: Happy Dance Plus a Shocker

​The setback didn't crush my husband's spirit. 

We're almost there and success is just around the bend.

A few tweaks may just do the trick. ​

​On July 16 (Sunday), he experimented again using a modified procedure:

​First, heat up the sesame oil.

Second, saute the garlic and onion.

Third, ​together with the garlic and onion, saute the broccoli for a minute until tender.

Fourth, mix the remaining vegetables and saute until the spinach looks wilted.

Fifth, pour the cooked vegetable on a plate, spray sesame ​oil and sprinkle black sesame seeds on top.

​Sixth, bon appetit!

Here's ​the chart that shows the BP reading taken every 30 minutes:

Blood Pressure Chart​

July 16, 2017 (Sunday)


BP - Right

BP - Left


5:00 PM

6:10 PM



Base reading


6:40 PM



7:10 PM



7:40 PM



8:10 PM




8:40 PM




9:10 PM




9:40 PM




10:10 PM




10:40 PM




​For two hours, we were rejoicing! 

It was working. ​



After two hours, something unexpected was unfolding.

We were uneasy and worried.

The BP reading - specially the diastolic (lower) - was going up.

Conclusion: Success was short-lived with the worst yet to come!

The following day, my husband woke up with a blood pressure of 152/113! 

He brought his sphygmo to work despite that.

His BP didn't look any better. He had to take time off from work that morning to rest and bring it down to a comfortable level. 

At lunch, he only had soft tofu with sago and maple syrup.

That pushed his BP down to 129/92.

Facing a Blank Wall​

​This time around, we were not sure on how to proceed.

What was happening?

Why was it happening?

What were we missing?

Must we abort our mission?

Should we resign our fate to just eating out at the Korean restaurant ​as needed?

​What do we do next?

Tomorrow, you'll learn how our quest for a solution to lower blood pressure has turned out.

Did we just give up?

Clue - We didn't! ​

Did we succeed?​

Are we succeedding?

Clue: Roses are red.

Plus - Tomorrow's read is a delightful one!

Do follow my journal to find out more.

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Disclaimer: This post is my journal on a personal quest to find natural ways to lower blood pressure. What you read is by no means a medical or dietary prescription. Please consult your doctor or nutritionist for changes to your diet that may impact your health.​



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