Korean Bibimbap: How We Stumbled on a Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure (Day 1)

Korean Bibimbap: How We Stumbled on a Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure (Day 1)

Search for Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Lower Blood Pressure with Bibimbap Style Food

Finding solutions to a problem could be a roller coaster ride. Breakthroughs thrill you. 

However, frustrations can kill you.

Just when you thought you had it, lightning hits as you realize that you actually did not.

Then, you have to iterate or start all over.

For years, my husband and I have been searching for a remedy to hypertension a.k.a. high blood pressure.

It's his problem... but it's also mine.

So, we ventured to find natural ways to lower blood pressure.

Having been into this for years, we already know that there are.

But we want more.

  • Is there a natural way to lower high blood pressure with dramatic results?
  • How sustainable are the results?
  • How soon do they take effect?
  • How long do the positive effects last?

We have tried a number of natural ways to lower blood pressure just so my husband could escape the pill.

Some three years ago, he did succumb to blood pressure medication after a thorough discussion with our family doctor. 

There were times though when he missed - a simple sign of graceful aging. 

Recently, he was diagnosed with a rare health condition known as Celiac Axis Artery Dissection. Even the attending hospital physicians were uncertain on how to deal with it. They had to consult a vascular specialist over the phone for each action they had to take. They, too, were learning. 

Hypertension is considered as the most probable cause for his condition. Not genetics.

That time he had a severe abdominal pain - when he had to rush to the hospital because the pain was too much to bear - that was when he missed his pill. 

To prevent the worst from happening, he has to keep his blood pressure at bay. Period.

Careful of Headaches: They May Be Something Worse

Twelve years ago, he experienced episodes of migraine.

I almost always remedied it with massage. The headaches did subside and that was that until he consulted a doctor.

The doctor ordered him to check in at the hospital quickly. No buts. No ifs.

His blood pressure was 201/155!

He could have easily gotten a stroke, at the least.

The hypertension is pretty much controlled now but with his health condition, we can't take chances. He keeps his sphygmomanometer close at hand as such. 

Korean Bibimbap: Whatta Surprise!

Our exciting journey started three weeks ago as we explored various Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Mexican restaurants.

We've been into these types of restaurants before but lately, we've become more active at satisfying our palate.

Last July 4, we ate out at our local Korean restaurant.

I always order their beef Bulgogi. It's yum and I'm good with that.

My husband is the more adventurous among us. That time though, he ordered Bibimbap. That was his first order in the same restaurant; however, he forgot that it was.

Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

"Bibimbap is a large bowl of rice topped with an array of individually prepared vegetables and beef, and served with seasoned red chili pepper paste (gochujang). Bibim means mixing, and bap means rice. The mixing usually happens at the table right before eating." ~Korean Bapsang

When we reached home a few hours later, he checked his blood pressure.

Surprise, surprise.

His BP was a remarkable 117/74.

He never had a BP reading that low. NEVER.

We can't believe it.

What caused it?​

There were only two candidates in our mind - the chocolate soya pudding with maple syrup that I made him for lunch and the Bibimbap.

I made him a serving of pudding the following day. 


It must be the Bibimbap then.

Bibimbap: Gotcha!

On July 6, we headed back to the Korean restaurant for lunch. You could guess by know what we ordered.

It was a long way home that day. We had to do our grocery at Victoria, which was an hour drive back and forth. We dropped off a van load of donation to a charity organization, too. Then, there was at least one more place we visited.

It's summer here and was particularly hot that day.

By the time we were home, we were toast; more so my husband who drove all the way through.

When he read his BP, it was pretty close to 120/80!

Not shabby, aye?

Nope. It was unbelievable!

As he had nothing except Bibimbap, we concluded that, yes, it was Bibimbap that was lowering his blood pressure.

But what in the Bibimbap?

Could it be gochujang, the red chili paste that you mix with the rice and vegetables?

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

How about the miso soup and Kimchi that went with the meal?

Gochujang: Out of the Picture

"Okay, let's head back to the restaurant," my husband suggested.

On July 15, we were there for dinner.

Doing a process of elimination, my husband skipped the miso soup, kimchi and gochujang!

I took images of the menu to capture the ingredients.

To be as thorough as possible, we asked the Korean staff all sorts of questions:

  • What ingredients went into the Bibimbap?
  • How was it cooked?
  • How was gochujang prepared?
  • Did they make the gochujang themselves or bought it pre-made?

Our interest may have stirred their imagination but they were very kind and gentle to answer our questions.

We wanted to narrow down to "the thing" in Bibimbap that lowers blood pressure.

Again, my husband read his BP.

You guessed it.

His blood pressure that night was a record low in comparison to the previous days.

And yes, it wasn't gochujang.

Our conclusion: The magic ingredient was in the mixed rice itself.

But which one or ones?

That's the mystery that we sought to unravel. 

We were almost there... but not quite.​

Tomorrow, follow my journal to find out what happens next.

Day #2 - Korean Bibimbap: Blow to Our Quest for Best Way to Lower Blood Pressure​

I promise it's an exciting one.

If this post inspired you in any way, please leave a remark or question below. That would surely make my succeeding journal posts even more exciting. 

And one more thing, please share this post to your friends - specially those with hypertension problems - so they may discover an alternative way to lower blood pressure.

Disclaimer: This post is my journal on a personal quest to find natural ways to lower blood pressure. What you read is by no means a medical or dietary prescription. Please consult your doctor or nutritionist for changes to your diet that may impact your health.

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