What Is Journaling

What Is Journaling

What Is Journaling?

Journaling is the act of putting pen to paper to write, express, illustrate or record just about anything you want, need to or feel like.

It can be done using a simple lined College notebook, blank book, traditional diary or fancy journal.

Even a loose sheet of paper, tissue paper, receipt, ticket, torn paper, or card may be used for journaling

For those always online, you may also use your computer for journaling.

You call it blogging.​


What Is a Journal?

Where you do journal writing is a journal.

A journal is a written, personal account, expression, creation, illustration, log, record, monitor, chart, chronicle, doodle, presentation, documentation, organization or diary of what's going on within you.

Journal Writing

It is a mirror of you, eventhough you may train your thoughts on the outside world.

Write anything in your journal however you describe it.

Journal writing

Your journal is yours.

You own it.

You decide what goes in, what comes out of it and where it takes you.

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